When our Kids Fail

I have been attending Crossroads church since 2014 and a Father’s Group at Crossroads Eastside since January 2017. I want to give a shout-out to the Father’s in my Father’s Group as they are the source of most of this material. I am blessed to have men like this as part of my community so that I can continue to grow as a Father and continue to do my best to keep my kid(s) on the right path in life.

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Locked Doors

First let me say I don’t know why the philosophical person in me comes out when I start putting my thoughts down for the Blog my son (Kevin) surprised me with two years ago. It surprises me that I change from the jovial person and joke telling fool I normally am into this person who feels the need to share his thoughts. Notice I said “joke telling” not funny joke telling. Someone told me once after I told a joke that bombed (one of many) “Don’t give up, one of these days you will have a funny one, maybe”. Actually I think I stole that from Rodney Dangerfield but I doubt any of his people will be reading this!

Second let me say your luck has changed because after a few months I have picked up my keyboard to give my feelings after attending a Sunday service at Crossroads Westside. Note: I didn’t say your luck changed for the better.

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My tire is only flat on the bottom

Well in an effort to keep this light hearted I thought I would start with a story.  I was out one night and got a flat tire.  I should have brought asparagus.  🙂

Well with a real tire that is a true statement.  It’s a flat tire and is not going to take you anywhere until properly repaired or replaced.  Sometimes in life we feel like we are running on a flat tire.  Problems arise and we lose the air in our “life tire”.  With our lives we need to not only focus on whatever part of our “life tire” is losing air, we also need to look at the entire tire or more correctly, our life.  We need to think of the things in our life that are working.  There is no “air pump” to fill the hole in our life tire.  We need to think positive and instead of just focusing on the flat part of our life tire, we need to look at other parts of our lives that are good.  When we look at just the flat it takes air from us.  If we can step back and look at the whole tire we can get air by pumping ourselves up and realizing it’s only one part of our life tire that is flat.

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Why is life so meaningful?

We go through each day like there is a tomorrow – each hour like we get the next – each minute like there is another – and each second like there are many left. We go to bed saying one more day down [and a million more to go] or tomorrow is a new day – but do we really have another day – is tomorrow guaranteed? Take a second and really think about that, do we know if we are going to be here tomorrow – or even the next hour?

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Set Goals and then Reach Them

Everyone has goals and visions of things that they want to achieve in life. Some of these goals we make public and let others know about them but most of the time they stay buried inside us. We all want to be better but at the same time we are scared that we might fail while trying to reach this next level.

Setting goals in life is very important. It is how we “level-up” and become a better us. Throughout life, we must always be pushing ourselves to become the best us that we can become. There is one other important step in reaching your goals though…

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Dinner with Dad

Well in the good old days we didn’t have cell phones or laptops or game boys etc.  Those were the good old days.  I cannot imagine my life without my cell phone today but I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had a cell phone back in the day.  My days were filled with playing in the woods, falling in creeks, sliding down hills, building tree houses, sled riding and yes, jumping an occasional train just for the fun of it.   I don’t think there is a cell phone that could have survived my days of fun.

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Be You and not who Others Make You Be

If you were to evaluate yourself, are you happy at the person you are and have come to be? We all think about ourselves and know the person that we want to be, but is that who we truly are? Many things can get in the way of us becoming this person we want to be. The one that I want to talk about today are the people around us – how sometimes other people can negatively impact us and get us off this course of being the person we strive to be.

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It All Starts with Positive Thinking

Wouldn’t it be great if every thought or feeling that came to us was a positive one? We no longer held grudges or resentment – that jealously was a thing of the past. If this was something that was possible (or at least we believed was possible), we would surely all strive to reach this life. Well, guess what – this life is possible … and more importantly that YOU can reach it!

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